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Chewelah peak learning center


The Chewelah Peak Learning Center is a non-profit host facility for groups with an educational purpose. Sponsored by the Association of Washington School principals (AWSP), our primary mission is to provide low cost opportunities for school children to explore environmental and leadership issues. We are also available for other groups looking for an affordable retreat center at which to hold their educational programming. So if you are...

  • a teacher looking for a place to bring your students for science field work, 
  • an ASB adviser looking for a student leadership training, 
  • a principal looking for a staff retreat location,
  • a scout or youth group leader needing a site,
  • a college club or student looking for an off-campus venue,
  • a hobbyist looking for a spot for a scrapbooking, quilting, or writing weekend...

...then let's talk about Chewelah Peak being the place to make it happen. 


Our staff can provide different levels of involvement in your program.  At times we stay very much in the background, allowing you space to do your own thing.  At other times, we are deeply involved in providing programming to enhance your experience. 

We have a site specific environmental education curriculum guide that you can use.  We can help find resources to help you teach those lessons.  We have a close relationship with the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL), a program run by our parent organization, which we call on to provide leadership training.  We have a challenge (ropes) course for which we provide facilitators for you to have an active team building experience.  And in the winter we have a set of snowshoes which we can help you strap on and lead or point you to some incredible views.  And, of course, we also provide good hot meals and a warm place to rest your head for the night.


The Chewelah Peak Learning Center supports applied environmental education and leadership training for students by providing curricular resources and functional, aesthetic facilities located in a wilderness setting. Chewelah Peak also provides facilities for students and adults groups whose purpose is compatible with the center's commitment to education and respect for the environment. 


The Chewelah Peak Learning Center is one of two sites of the AWSP Outdoor Learning Centers, a division of the Washington School Principals Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit program of the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP). What does that long list of titles mean for you? As an education-focused, non-profit organization, we are committed to providing affordable retreat opportunities for all audiences.


The Chewelah Peak Learning Center first began as the vision of Spokane-area principal Ralph Larsen who saw a need for more opportunities for students in eastern Washington. Thanks to the hard work of Ralph and his colleague Bill Reuter, AWSP and its Foundation set out to build a second learning center (in addition to the Cispus Learning Center in Randle, Washington) to serve students primarily from the rural, highly diverse populations of Adams, Douglas, Ferry, Franklin, Grant, Lincoln, Okanogan, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens, and Whitman counties.

After many years and investigating more than 18 potential sites, the decision was made to develop a camp near Chewelah, Washington and the 49° North Ski Area. It was dedicated on September 13, 2003, as the Chewelah Peak Learning Center under the leadership of AWSP President Gary Kipp (now AWSP Executive Director). Chewelah Peak continues to grow in number of visitors and facilities. We are continually looking for opportunities to serve our visitors. Today, Chewelah Peak hosts many different groups ranging from elementary school student leaders to high school clubs to the Spokane Symphony. Any group with an educational mission is welcome to use our facility to further their mission.