NEW - Meeting Hall - If the Lodge is too big and the rooms in the Learning Studio are too small.

Chewelah Peak's beautiful facilities complement the already stunning scenery of the Colville National Forest. Explore this page or open the following links to discover more about each of our buildings and the amenities they offer. 


The Lodge is the centerpiece of Chewelah Peak for both its impressive design and versatile use. The Lodge can accommodate diverse groups for various occasions: large group presentation space for summer leadership camp, orchestra and audience space for a Spokane Symphony concert, practice area for a high school wrestling team. The Lodge offers the following amenities:

  • Audience seating for 300+ people
  • Dining/working seating for 200+ people
  • Scenic views of campus and the Colville National Forest
  • Fully-staffed commercial kitchen
  • Wi-Fi access available


Dorm A is a two-story building with an outdoor staircase connecting the two levels. Each level offers different amenities which are detailed in separate descriptions and galleries below. 


The upper level of Dorm A is commonly used by smaller groups as well as adult chaperones and advisers for larger groups. It includes the following amenities:

  • 40 total beds
  • 8 separate rooms with 1-12 bunks each
  • Ability to be split into 2 dorm areas
  • Full bathroom amenities on each side
  • Handicap-accessible showers and bathroom stalls
  • Nurse/medical station


The lower level of Dorm A is commonly used by larger groups and offers the following amenities:

  • 66 total beds
  • Ability to be split into 2 dorm areas
  • 2 separate rooms with 30 bunks each
  • 1 separate counselor room per side with 3 beds each
  • Full bathroom amenities on each side



Dorm B is a single story building commonly used by larger groups and offers the following amenities:

  • 90 total beds
  • Ability to be split into 2 dorm areas
  • 2 separate rooms with 42 and 34 beds
  • 1 separate counselor room per side with 6 beds each
  • Full bathroom amenities on each side
  • Handicap-accessible showers and bathroom stalls


The Learning Studio is great for both medium group meeting space and small group breakout areas. It's library is a Chewelah Peak staff favorite for it's versatility in both feel and space. The Learning Studio offers the following amenities:

  • 4 separate meeting rooms with seating capacity of 25-30
  • Mezzanine connecting meeting rooms with seating capacity of 65
  • A library complete with an environmental science collection, fireplace, and lounge seating for around 20. Room can be altered for presentation seating for around 30-40
  • Covered outdoor fire pit for small group campfires directly outside of library
  • Wi-Fi access available


The Meeting Hall is the space to use for medium sized groups, groups wanting to use technology for presentation, and also for smaller breakout groups (using the sound absorbing curtain dividers).

  • Up to 80 in lecture style
  • Up to 50 in workshop style
  • 3 Smart TVs for use together or independently
  • dividable into 3 smaller sections
  • Curtains can be used to darken room


The Amphitheater is a hillside presentation and performance space ideal for both daytime and nighttime use. Located just uphill from Dorm B and surrounded by trees, the Amphitheater can be a retreat from the retreat. With a dual lighting system, you can have the stage and audience lighted for a more socratic feel, just the stage for a performance setting, just the audience for transitions, or no lighting at all to let the campfire really shine throughout the space. The Amphitheater offers the following amenities:

  • Large fire pit
  • Seating for 200 people
  • Lighted stage and seating area
  • Lighted pathway connection to main campus


Along with our quality indoor facilities, we also have several outdoor amenities set in the gorgeous wilderness of the Colville National Forest

  • Campfire area with ring-seating
  • Amphitheater with fire pit (learn more here)
  • Covered outdoor fire pit for small group campfires outside Learning Studio
  • Covered pavilion with bench-seating and quick-access bathroom
  • Basketball court
  • Large field for your use
  • Loop hiking trails with creek access
  • Gold panning station


To learn more about the Chewelah Peak Challenge Course, please visit our Challenge Course page by clicking here


You can download a campus map and building plans using the following links: