We've hosted many different groups with many different questions here at Chewelah Peak. These are a few we hear most often. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or need clarification on any listed here. 

Q: This is a little embarrassing to ask...do I have to...you know...

A: We'll stop you there. No you don't have to poop in the woods. Our facilities are not only beautiful, but quite modern, including, heat, warm showers, and indoor plumbing. Visit our 'Facilities' page to see a detailed description (with photos) of all the amenities we provide. 

Q: I have nomophobia. Will my mobile phone work?

A: Let us answer your question with another question: who is your provider? Currently, AT&T customers enjoy limited to full service, however most other carriers are still in the dark. There are rumors of construction of a new cell tower across the street to expand service to Verizon, but as of late, our one Verizon-carrying employee still has no bars. 

Q: Of course, you must have Wi-Fi, so what is the password?

A: The password is: youshouldhavelistenedwhentheysaiddontbringelectronicdevices Our default setting here at Chewelah Peak is Wi-Fi available, no password needed. If it's password protected, your group leaders have requested it. Want to get out of your element? Put down the smart phone. 

Q: Pepsi or Coke products in the vending machines?

A: If by vending machine you mean water fountain and by Coke or Pepsi you mean water, then yes! Chewelah Peak does not have vending machines (neither pop nor snack), so if you must have them, you need to bring them with you. 

Q: Do you have a friendly wait staff in your dining hall?

A: That will depend on how friendly your group is, because they are the wait staff. To keep rates affordable, we ask that each group set-up, serve, and clean-up their own meals. Check out our 'Dining Hall Procedures' for all the details. 

Q: Can we have s'mores? What about marshmallow roasting sticks?

A: Absolutely! What would camp be without them? However, your group is responsible for bringing up the supplies. We have three fire pits on campus for your s'more making needs. The beauty of being surrounded by a national forest is that sticks are plentiful. If the sticks prepared by a previous group don't suit your needs, there are plenty of others right inside the tree line. 

Q: Should I bring a chainsaw to cut down trees for firewood? 

A: Please do not. We have plenty of pre-cut timber (and starter kits) for your campfire. If you decide to anyway, please have extra s'more supplies for DNR and Forest Service law enforcement officers as they will be sure to visit. 

Q: Do you provide all the hot chocolate I can drink?

A: For Chewelah Peak visiting groups, we provide coffee, tea, and all the water you can drink. Hot chocolate, pop, artisan sparkling French mineral water, and other specialty drinks is your responsibility to bring. 

Q: What if I need 1000 copies or need to send a fax to Hong Kong?

A: While we encourage groups to take care of any major copy and fax projects prior to your visit, we can provide these services in a pinch. Charges will apply based on the cost we incur. 

Q: I don't have to clean toilets, do I?

A: Showers and sinks, yes. Toilets, no. To keep rates affordable, we ask groups to clean up after themselves prior to leaving. If you find toilet paper on the ground, help us out by disposing of it. As for the scrubbing and sanitizing, our staff will take care of that. Take a look at our 'Checkout Procedures' for more information about the cleanup process. 

Q: Can I get fries with that?

A: Only if they're on the menu your group will be served. Meals are group, not individual. 

Q: So can we decide what meals we get?

A: Sure! Generally, groups will send us their numbers and we take care of the rest. If, however, you'd like a more active part, you can work with our Kitchen Manager to discuss what your group is served. 

Q: The group decided they wanted fettuccine alfredo, but I'm lactose intolerant. What do I do?

A: With advanced notice, we can certainly accommodate for most food allergies. Please note on your 'Meals & Program Request' form all known allergies and quantity (i.e. 3 lactose intolerant students, 2 peanut allergy, etc.). For more sensitive/complex dietary needs, please contact us.  If at the time you submit your form and you are unsure of any special dietary-needs,  just be sure to contact us at least one week in advance of your visit to update the information. 

Q: I'm just not feeling pulled-pork sandwiches tonight. What can you do for me?

A: We really can't meet individual whim's, but will make every reasonable effort to meet legitimate lifestyle and/or religious dietary needs. To help us better prepare to serve these needs, please include them in your 'Meals & Program Request' form or in an e-mail update prior to your arrival.  

Q: What if it rains when we are scheduled for the Challenge Course?

A: You get wet. It isn't a comfortable course, but we will make sure that you get in before hypothermia sets in. 

Q: I want to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Can you help me?

A: Yes! We have a foot-tall portable stage system that utilizes 4'x8' platforms. Using any or all platforms (we have 12 total), you can create a stage to fit your needs.

Q: How much AV equipment do I need to haul with me?

A: We have some audio-visual equipment available for use including a standard projector, an analog television with VCR/DVD, and a modest portable sound system adequate for voice and music projection. It is important that you bring any necessary adapters/specialty equipment as we cannot guarantee that your computer/laptop will be compatible with our equipment. 

Q: Dorm sleeping just isn't my style. Do I have other options?

A: Certainly, come up with your group and park your RV or set up a tent. Electricity hook-ups are available year round, as well as water in non-winter months. Bathrooms are available in the Lodge. 

Q: We might want to have a little wine with our dinner. Is that ok?

A: We do not provide any but allow for limited, controlled presence of alcohol at our facility when school kids are not present. Please let us know if you wish to have it on site so we can ensure that there will not be a conflict with another group. Keep in mind that kids are our primary mission and will take priority. If you are having alcohol at a function, it is your responsibility to determine if a banquet permit is required. You can find more information and and application at the Liquor Control Board's website: http://liq.wa.gov/licensing/banquet-permits.

Q: I've never done this before. What don't I know?

A: if you're in this position, call us and let's talk things out. Don't wait until you're here: (509) 935-7400, and remember, there are no stupid questions (well, yes there are, but we can always use the laugh).