Challenge Course




A challenge course consists of a series of obstacles requiring the social, mental, and physical dexterity of a group or individual to overcome. This experience, however, is supported by reflection, critical analysis and synthesis to help move people to explore the symbolic, metaphorical, and long-term meanings intrinsic in challenge activities.

Success, failure, adventure, risk-taking and uncertainty may all be part of the experience, since the outcome is never totally predictable.

Most groups and individuals experience a combination of the following benefits:

  • Team-building

  • Personal growth

  • Stronger communication skills

  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence

  • Increased trust between group members

  • Fun!


At the Cispus Challenge Course, facilitators lead groups of 12 (max) participants through a series of events designed to focus on that particular group’s goals or needs. If you need help designing an experience, here are our popular programs:

  • Low Course Experience: Our low course consists of a large assortment of portable initiatives and 36 elements that range from anything on the ground to events as high as 12 feet off the ground. This option is great for any group working on team-building, trust, communication, and hoping for a fun experience.

  • High Course Experience: Our high course consists of 4 elements, anywhere from 10-40 ft. off the ground and a zip line. This option is more focused on the individual doing the event but many groups realize they use the same skills they needed on the Low course.

  • Zip line Experience: We offer groups to use our zip line if they are looking for a quick and fun individual experience.

  • Traveling Ropes Experience: If travel is an issue, we are willing to bring our course to you. Our traveling program consists of the same portable elements found on the Low course. We can complete these outside/inside, rain/sunshine, large areas/classrooms.


Half day = 3 hours, typically 9am to 12pm OR 1pm to 4pm

Full day = 6 hours, typically 9am to 12pm AND 1pm to 4pm

Times may be adjusted per request


NEXT TRAININGS: Low Ropes Training - March 22nd - 24th

The Cispus Learning Center provides group facilitator training for individuals interested in working with groups on the Cispus and Chewelah Peak challenge courses. Facilitation is a lifelong learning process. This training could also serve for or enhance the knowledge of previously trained facilitators. 


This training is experiential in nature and will consist of learning adventure philosophy and course initiatives through doing them. The training will be high energy and fast paced and will flow between physical activity, reflection, group processing, and discussions. Topics covered include: philosophy of challenge courses, group assessment, safety consciousness, social play, trust activities, spotting, group initiatives, facilitation theory, framing skills, risk management, and processing skills. 

Benefits include:

  • 30 clock hours per request

  • "per person" fee waived for challenge course (low) use

  • An experience you can apply in many different environments, both professional and personal.


This training covers high course facilitation including required knots, participants rescues, and technical skills. This training is experiential in nature and very physically demanding. Individuals participating in the training must already be certified in low course facilitation. 

Benefits include:

  • 50% "per person" fee discount for challenge course (high) use

  • Learn industry standards of challenge course technology

  • Leave with a greater confidence in facilitation and belay skills


Price includes all meals and lodging during training

Low Course Training........$300.00

High Course Training.......$250.00


Contact Challenge Course Manager Woods Stonecypher   -   (360) 497-7131