Outdoor Science

Chewelah Peak features that allow for outdoor science studies, field investigations, and recreation.

  • Soil studies, including a soil profile pit.

  • Steam and water quality studies including looking for evidence of macroinvertebrates

  • Tree studies for both coniferous and deciduous woody material.

  • Native plant studies.

  • Trails for hiking.

  • Large field available to set up a compass course.

  • Artificial stream available for sample mineral panning.

  • Area that we can set up for an archeological dig.

  • Areas to search for evidence of animal presence.

  • View lines that afford topographical studies of the vicinity- (i.e. map vs observations).

  • For comparison studies - One area that has been logged recently, and a similar area that still has the same kind of trees.

  • Three areas for outdoor campfire programs, including one with a stage for skits.

  • Seasonal: Ample snowfall that allows for:

                        Snow layer study

                        Water content of snow

                        Winter survival

                        Snow shelters

                        Avalanche awareness

Hunters 11.JPG